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Attorney Bruce Marks comments on Malaysian plane crash on Fox News 29

July 17, 2014 Bruce Marks commented on the crash of Malaysia Airlines in southeastern part of Ukraine on Fox News 29. He gives his concerns that this tragedy can intensify tension in the region and aggravate the political situation in general.

The founder and managing member of Marks & Sokolov, LLC, attorney Bruce Marks is an expert on commercial legal matters between the West and the former Soviet Union.

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Attorney Bruce Marks analyzes Sochi situation on Fox News 29

On January 29, 2014 Bruce Marks analyzes the terror threats against the upcoming Olympics in Sochi, Russia on Fox News 29. He gives his perspective and concerns about the security in Sochi located so close to the borders of Chechnya and Dagestan.

Bruce S. Marks, Managing Director of Marks & Sokolov, has a substantial litigation practice in the United States and Russia. The firm has litigated some of the largest cases in the United States based on fraud and other misconduct arising from commercial matters in Russia, including disputes in the aluminum, diamond, oil, and titanium sectors.

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